iSO-FORM is a group of creative, dedicated people working hard to deliver the latest innovations in digital storytelling for science and medicine. Our mission is to bring science to life; to bring function to form.



When it comes to science and medicine, we believe it’s better to show than to tell, and it’s even better to experience. We create memorable, immersive experiences using the latest technologies including virtual reality, educational gaming, real-time 3D, and augmented reality.


Whether it’s medically accurate, realistic 3D animation, promotional motion graphics, or stylized cartoon animation, iSO-FORM creates a visual story to meet the needs of our clients. We love finding new ways to capture the viewer’s attention and keep them watching.


Our team of talented medical illustrators create high-end artwork for promotional materials, textbooks, posters, and training materials. With decades of collective experience and an extensive library of custom assets, we can efficiently and effectively produce visually stunning and medically accurate content that educates, excites and informs.


Our process reflects iSO-FORM’s years of experience working in this business. We’re a relationship-focused company and we know that great customer service is the backbone to any successful collaboration. Our process is adaptable to support each projects needs, but most projects follow something like this:

  1. Concept Development – We partner with you to understand your goals and exchange ideas.
  2. Design Documentation/Storyboards – We prepare a road map to reach the goals of the project and visually communicate content.
  3. Production – We bring the vision to life using state-of-the-art techniques, specialized software, and good old-fashioned hard work.
  4. Distribution & Support – We deliver your project on time and on budget, and continue to support the project as needed.


In the short time that our apps have been available in the App Store, we have had over 800,000 downloads! Check out our award-winning apps to see why they are so popular.


iSO-FORM, LLC is based in Ames, Iowa, a vibrant Midwestern community and the home of Iowa State University. Ames is also the home of many trailblazing companies in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and renewable energy.